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Title: Known bugs
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 13:59 (Fri)
This is a list of known bugs and their status.

Title: FIXED: Stuck actors on exit
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:03 (Fri)

when i lagged out whilst fighting the creature i was fighting got stuck fighting and could no longer move or be attacked.

This doesn't sound right :P  I will look into this soon.  It applies to players and creatures:
I encountered anima's rat, it seems stuck in combat.

I believe this to be fixed now.

Title: FIXED: Double attack rate when fleeing
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:04 (Fri)
FIXED ... NOT FIXED ... FIXED (I hope)

also is the double attack rate of the creatures whilst the player tries to flee a feature?
i seem to sometimes get server resyncs whilst trying to flee too.

This is a simple bug - will be fixed in the next 24 hours.

Turns out I wasn't getting it.  If a player is getting 22 def xp and they try to flee, it can start giving 44 def for the rest of the fight.  Further, once in this state, when getting hit they receive the normal def xp (22 in this example).

After some preliminary testing with Senzon yesterday, it would appear that I've fixed this bug.  Please report any more occurances of this bug, or anything like it, if discovered while fighting players or creatures

Title: FIXED: Login as admin
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:06 (Fri)

I seem to be an Admin/Bot :D

This is caused by Admin structure getting confused.  Fixed in the next 24 hours.

Title: FIXED: Admin kicking causes weird attribs
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:09 (Fri)

when some one is in admin mode. if i was fighting a monster and say krayon was next to me and kicked the monster i was fighting.. i would have 0 attack and OA.. then next time i fought a monster my attack and OA jumped to 179.... this is fixed...
Nothing has been changed here so this could still be a bug.  Jizzy's char was fairly messed up though due to earlier bugs so it could have been a side effect to that.  Confirmation still required for this.

I have performed some testing myself and it would seem that I've managed to fixed this one!  YAY!

Title: Strange XP
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:10 (Fri)
when i had all that oa. i spent all the pickpoints.. i had 50 reasoning 40 sumthing vitality/will/instinct

with all that i was getting ~22 def exp from goblins.. though i was overpowering them with my monster attack.. the little def exp i 'did' get . was nice....

but my point.. it makes it alot easier to train def.. just pump up your reasoning and dont use a sword....
Unconfirmed bug.  Again could be due to Jizzy's char being messed up.

Title: FIXED: Duplicate items if they are both stackable and equippable
Post by: krayon on 2008-10-31 14:13 (Fri)

got bones in two slots.
Any item that is stackable and equippable has this issue.  If you have one bone in your inv and equip it, when you pick up another, it will be in your inv.  Then if you unequip the bone, you will have bones in 2 slots.

Another related bug is that equipping a stackable item, will equip ALL of that item, not 1.

Title: FIXED: 3D objects out of range
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-01 12:14 (Sat)

Looking at 3D objects in the game always returns "You are out of range"

There was a bug in the distance checker that was also effecting harvesting items.

Title: FIXED: Sitting while fighting etc
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-09 13:11 (Sun)

Whenever i am fighting anything... i can just sit in the middle of fighting. not a big problem, but not normal either.

No checks are performed when sit is requested atm.

This has been fixed.

Title: FIXED Changing maps doesn't exit combat
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-10 18:01 (Mon)

I fought a goblin, tried to flee, clicked everywhere..so also on the cave entrance
and got out, BUT I was still 'fighting' in the next map.

This is no doubt the case.  Pretty easy to fix though ;)

It was true that most actions were not checking for combat before getting processed.  This has been implemented now so if you come across any such strange behavior please report it.  Even admin beaming of players will exit combat :D

Title: FIXED: Bags not closing when moving
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-10 20:13 (Mon)

i would click the item out of the bag, and the item window would still be there, even after i moved around. I can provide a screenshot if necesary.

Bag removal on move appears to occur on ARRIVAL at destination... This was not intended and will be fixed soon.

This should be all done now.  Anyone noticing bags not closing when they should please report it.

Title: FIXED: Harvest and fight
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-10 20:14 (Mon)

i also found out that you can harvest and fight at the same time.

This will be fixed soon too.

This is complete.  You should not be able to harvest while fighting, nor fight while harvesting :P  (though technically an attempt to harvest causes a flee attempt whilst fighting).

Title: FIXED: #beam not stopping actions
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-11 18:47 (Tue)

I found out that you could beam here (cool) and did so in the middle of fighting, and i ended up still fighting when i beamed, and got xp while doing so. Upon return to that spot, i found the bag/dead monster. I can provide a screenshot, but im pretty sure everyone could do this upon fighting something.

Yes atm #beam me will not stop ANY action you are performing.  This actually includes harvesting, fighting etc.  Easily fixed :)

This should be all fixed now.  Any further such issues - please report them.

Title: disconnecting causes flee from battle
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-12 02:57 (Wed)
Disconnecting the client while in battle will cause a flee to occur.  This should probably work like EL where the player will stay in combat regardless in order to avoid this being used as a tactic.

NOTE: Bug moved to tracker: https://bugs.quadronyx.org/?do=details&task_id=2

Title: Walking doesn't navigate NPCs/creatures/players
Post by: krayon on 2008-11-14 22:33 (Fri)
It seems if you click somewhere, and someone/thing is next to you, or gets in your way (even in an open map) you just stop, until the thing moves. On main server, you move around the object/person whenever this happens. Could you implement the same thing here?

This is indeed the case as no actor checking occurs while navigating at this point.  At least not until it finds an actor in the next square in sequence.

NOTE: Bug moved to tracker: https://bugs.quadronyx.org/?do=details&task_id=3

Title: A successful flee during combat prep doesn't flee
Post by: krayon on 2008-12-18 21:26 (Thu)
If you attempt to flee during combat preparation and actually succeed, the battle still takes place.

NOTE: Bug moved to tracker: https://bugs.quadronyx.org/?do=details&task_id=4

Title: Dropping all of an item forgets cooldown
Post by: krayon on 2009-04-07 01:44 (Tue)
If you drop all your inv of an item whilst in cooldown, when you pick it back up, the cooldown has been forgotten.

NOTE: Bug moved to tracker: https://bugs.quadronyx.org/?do=details&task_id=5

Title: FIXED: Equipping already equipped makes slot unusable
Post by: Korrode on 2009-04-07 11:35 (Tue)

Double-clicking an equipped item (i.e. picking it up and putting it back down on the equip slot it was in) unequips the item, but makes the equipment slot it was in unusable.

This was caused due to a change (most likely a bug) in the client equip code during implimenting the rather strange equipment swap functionality.

Title: att exp gain calculation
Post by: Korrode on 2009-04-14 02:19 (Tue)
att exp gained per hit is being calculated from the damage you make in your damage roll, not the actual damage taken off creature.

i.e. if your roll in 1 hit more than the entire health of the creature, you get exp as though the creature had as much health as the damage you took off.

eg. fight rabbit (has 15 health), roll 50 in dmg roll u get att exp as tho rabbit has 50 health to lose, but it only has 15.

Title: FIXED: no two-handed weapon parameter
Post by: Korrode on 2009-04-14 02:20 (Tue)

I need to be able to set weapons as "two-handed".

i.e. cant have a shield equipped with them.

NOTE: Bug moved to tracker: https://bugs.quadronyx.org/?do=details&task_id=6

Title: FIXED: (some) buffs don't stay persistant across map changes etc
Post by: krayon on 2009-04-23 21:27 (Thu)

Buffs such as speed don't seem to hold after map change, resync etc.

This appears to be with the ADD_NEW_ENHANCED_ACTOR msg since I think buffs were recently changed to a larger data type.

Title: FIXED: Bags seem to close by themselves
Post by: krayon on 2009-04-24 03:03 (Fri)

Sometimes bags seem to close by themselves.  This might only happen to actor 0.