QELServ Server

Windows Installer

For Windows users, there is an Installer that will give you everything you need. See this post for more info: http://qelserv.quadronyx.org/forums/?topic=14#msg60

servers.lst file

Either edit your EL client servers.lst file entry:

  qelserv   qelserv   qelserv.quadronyx.org   2000   Quadronyx EL Server

Or download the file with this already added here:


The file above also contains the development and test servers entries:

  qelserv-test   qelserv-test   qelserv-test.quadronyx.org   2001   Quadronyx EL Test Server
  qelserv-dev    qelserv-dev    qelserv-dev.quadronyx.org    2001   Quadronyx EL Dev Server

Data Files

You will also want the data files (the only difference between these 2 are their compression/concatenation format - ZIP format for Windows, gzipped tar ball for others):

  WINDOWS: http://qelserv.quadronyx.org/serv/qelserv-data_0.3-1.zip
  OTHER:   http://qelserv.quadronyx.org/serv/qelserv-data_0.3-1.tgz

Main QELServ Server Status

Quadronyx EL Server (QELServ) is currently offline.

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Test QELServ Server Status

TEST Quadronyx EL Server (QELServ) is currently offline.

Last Online: 16 August 2012 08:00:01
(4318 days, 5 hours, 42 minutes, 59 seconds ago)
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